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About the Advocacy
for Access Initiative

Make Your Voice Heard!

This program was designed to help those living with, caring for, or managing diabetes advocate for affordable access to diabetes technology. These individuals are often denied access to the latest medical advancements and cutting-edge technology because the treatments aren’t covered by insurance or aren’t supplied by a local pharmacy or distributor.

Those living with diabetes should have a choice when it comes to their treatment. It’s time to demand coverage. By using the resources on this site, we aim to empower and educate those living with and managing diabetes today, so that they can spark change for those diagnosed tomorrow.

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Here are Three Ways You Can Make a Difference


Living with the burden of diabetes can be overwhelming. Build your confidence with these tips to speak out and demand access to the treatment that you and your healthcare professional determine to be best suited for your or your loved one’s health and lifestyle.

Learn How


Advocate for the change you want to see, for yourself and for others with diabetes. A few steps can create positive change for affordable access.

Take Action


Learn tips to further enhance your knowledge on how to advocate.

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We are dedicated to making diabetes a smaller part of life.

To learn more about how we are simplifying life with diabetes, visit us at

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