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Empowering & Educating
Those Managing Diabetes

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It’s time to demand coverage and advocate for access to the latest medical advances and cutting-edge technology available to those living with diabetes. By using the resources on this site, we aim to empower and educate those managing diabetes today, so that they can spark change for those diagnosed tomorrow.

It’s time to take action

For People Living with Diabetes

Stories matter. Share yours today. Use your voice to tell insurance providers that affordable access to diabetes treatment isn’t a matter of choice, but a medical necessity to your health.

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Empower Yourself

For Caregivers

Diabetes can be a complex and challenging disease, for both the person that is diagnosed and caregivers. Empower yourself. Take action on behalf of your loved one and advocate to insurance providers to grant affordable access to the latest medical advances and cutting-edge technology.

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The Facts

Diabetes by the Numbers





More than 30 million people in the U.S. have diabetes.


Times Higher

Healthcare costs for Americans living with diabetes are 2.3 times higher than those without. 



Every 21 seconds, another individual is diagnosed with diabetes in the U.S. 


American adults

One in three American adults will be diagnosed with diabetes by 2050. 



84 million people in the U.S. have prediabetes.  



Nearly one in four adults living with diabetes didn’t know they had the condition. 


Source: CDC. National diabetes statistics report, 2017


Learn tips to further enhance your knowledge on how to self-advocate.

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