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Take Action and Advocate for Affordable
Access for Those Under Your Care


Take Action Now!

Take action now and advocate to your loved one’s insurance provider to demand affordable access to the technology that their healthcare provider has identified as the next step in managing their diabetes.

1. Click below to download a letter and customize it with your loved one’s personal experiences.

2. Learn More about the Omnipod 5® Automated Insulin Delivery System to help you when writing the letter.

3. Look up your insurance provider’s contact information and send this as a letter or an email.

4. For greater impact, you can also advocate on social media using our social media templates.


Download the Letter

Omnipod 5® is for patients with type 1 diabetes 6 years and older.


Tips for Advocacy:



*The National Drug Code Directory lists all over the counter and prescription products in the United States, including diabetes treatment technologies like Omnipod. The NDC number is a unique number that helps identify products in the United States, containing information about the manufacturer, the product, and the packaging. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) publishes a regularly updated list of all NDC numbers.

Sharing their story

Dooley Family

Kristina and Greg Dooley are the parents of triplets, one of whom has Type-1 diabetes. When their daughter was diagnosed at two years old, they made the decision to make a difference. While they could not change the fact that their daughter had to live with diabetes, they could advocate for her and for others to raise awareness and help anyone living with diabetes get the medicine and treatment devices they need to live healthy lives with diabetes.


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Helpful Resources

Arm yourself with resources and tips to enhance your knowledge of how to advocate.

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